Wednesday, August 2, 2017


| Now Playing: Fashion Of His Love by Lady Gaga |

I never was the kind of girl,
That's naturally sure when it comes to love,
Oh no.
I was insecure,
But when it comes to you and me,
I can't deny this feeling inside,
Oh no.
I never felt like this before,
This before,
No, no, no.

I'm seeing all the signs from above,
I'm gonna be the one that he loves.
I was made for loving him,
The fashion of his love.
I'm gonna be his first and last kiss,
'Cause baby I was born to be his.
I was made for loving him,
The fashion of his love.

Throwback jam in the Now Playing, what upppp. I've been randomly cycling through singing this song the past few days, and definitely today and yesterday. Also, how the hell are we already saying hello to August? I feel like this summer has been so stressful and so much has happened, that it's literally blazed at the speed of light out of my grasp. But anyway, let's get into the usual shitshow.

Benzo's birthday was Sunday! And we got to spend the entire day together, which normally is already life soothing, but spending her whole birthday side by side is just an extra slab of icing on the proverbial birthday cake. She said she wanted me to plan something, so I decided that we could hit up our numero uno Mexican eatery, Alejandro's, and have lunch there, followed by some later dessert at Bruster's. Mexican was glorious as ever, per usge, and we (mainly me) needed some time before we added dairy to the already swirling nether in my stomach. So we went shopping around hitting the usual hangouts. Ross & Burlington. Only this time, I was actually able to find stuff that not only I needed, but also for a good price / size. I found some really bomb shoes at Burlington that fit me perfectly and were on sale, so 'twas a win-win. I also bought a cheap vent mount for my phone because, since I'm having literally the worst time ever getting my chargers to stay plugged into my phone because the lightning port is literally garbáge, it would help me while listening to music in my car. We had a pretty good time just shopping around. I was hoping to find a backpack for me to use at work, but hey, you can't win 'em all.

We also watched Big Brother and Claws together to end the evening once I drove her back home, so that was great as well. Once I finally got back home, I was dreading it because it meant that work was glazing on over the horizon for me. Don't get me wrong, I'm super grateful to have my job and do enjoy it most of the time. But I just wish that certain things were different, and certain processes were followed / accurately staffed.

It wasn't too bad, I don't guess. I'm just really ready to get this 7 reset over with and am sort of looking forward to working overnights this upcoming week because it means I'll be left alone. Plus having Cheryl there with me will help my comfort levels at least. So that's good. Work hasn't been too bad following Monday. Just SO MUCH NEW stuff for the reset, I'm over And today, I found out that they're combining Pets with Paper Chemicals, so there goes my former department I guess. I mean, Pets is sometimes really hard to manage because it's shopped so heavily, so I guess we'll see how that goes (but I'm sure it's going to end badly).

Enough with that old tired recap crap, I'm so over talking about work all the time. My true work, my writing, is what I want to talk about more. Only, I haven't had a whole lot of time dedicated to writing because work has been so intense lately. Once I come home, I'm dousing myself in sessions of Splatoon 2 to both wind down and get aggression out of the my body. It's just really taken it's toll on me lately. Anyway, back to good tidings. Sunday, Benzo kept talking about us finding a place to play bingo at, something we've always wanted to do. And Monday night, we took our first plunge into the nightlife of playing bingo for profit.

It was up here in Salem, at the Moose Lodge. You know, the one that's literally within walking distance from my house? So fetch. Being there was a little daunting. Daunting because we've never played for money before, but also because the crowd was sided? Let's just say, some people were not very welcoming. But we had a sweet older lady guide us through the chaos, so I'm super thankful for that. Plus, there was free food, literally win-win. I didn't end up winning anything, but Benzo made it out with 50 bucks. Considering how much we spent at this place for the package and the food and everything, she only made about 10 dollars. But hey, that's more than we went in with. Plus, she deserved to win on her birthday. She's literally a waking angel walking this Earth and deserves way more than she gives, which is saying a lot. We hope to start playing more regularly like the 73 year olds we truly are at heart, but we need more funds saved up for that.

Only two more days of work left, and then I get to work on fucking up my sleep schedule. HURRAY! Not that there's much of a sleep schedule I have now. I've been having a little bit of trouble getting to sleep the past few nights. I'm about to go pop some melatonin before Big Brother comes on so hopefully I'll be ready to snooze on with Charmed by the time it's over with. I'd love to say that I'll get some writing done this weekend, but I don't know. I'm hoping since I'm going to be fucking up my sleep and therefore am staying up later into the night, I'm hoping that will be the case. But knowing me, I'll screw up and end up falling asleep supes earls Friday night. I just really want overnights to go well, and tomorrow really. Big Boss is coming, and of course, everyone is freaking out. Not me, because I'm still working hard to gain that control back, and because we've been pulled out of our departments so much the past two weeks, it's not like I've had a lot of time dedicated to polishing my department. Whatever happens tomorrow, happens. I work so hard every day, and that's all that matters in the end.

Time to devour some sleeping aids and relax before Big Brother comes on. Maybe I can sneak a quick shower in and wash the haste from the past few days off of me. God willing.

Your bingo playing fiend,

-- Jesse

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