Saturday, August 12, 2017

Dark Western Cowgirl, Tattooed Angel

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I wanna be your baby,
Your angel all in black.
Your little blue eyed gypsy,
Who's always got your back.
I wanna be your favorite,
And always on your side.
I wanna talk forever,
With babies down the line.

But I got something to tell you first.

I never hurt nobody,
Never buried a body,
Never killed no one, no, no.
I ain't afraid,
To get a little crazy,
Baby when I'm in love.
You say you've had your fun,
And that you're done and I'm the one.
Just know, that if you fuck around,
Boy I'll hunt you down.

Thank the Good Lord that this week of overnights is O V E R *blares World Star sirens*. I'm so damn glad. There, luckily, hasn't been anymore drama as far as the spreading of lies and crap about how hard we've worked (Spoiler, we've worked hella hard all week), but I was just so ready for everything to be set and shit. I'm still a little self conscious about coming back to days on Monday. I just have a throbbing in my third eye that some type of drama is going to get spurred about how I've worked or just something I've done / haven't done and I'm not mentally prepared for it. But I've still got tomorrow to relax and try and not let that get to me.

I did get to leave early Thursday morning, in lieu of preparing for my tattoo appointment later on in the day, so that was I didn't leave quite as early as I would have liked, but hey, leaving early is leaving early. Once I got home, it was super hard to try and go to sleep. I don't know if it was just work getting to me, being almost done with overnights, the excitement over getting a new tattoo, or a combination of all things considered, but sleep evaded me for the longest time. I finally ended up falling asleep though, and I had an alarm set for eleven, so I could shower and get ready for the 12:30 tattoo appointment. But I ended up only getting about three hours of sleep, sleeping through my alarm, and waking up on my own at around 11:45. So I busted to get dressed and presentable and got to Blue Lotus in a timely manner. And as usual, Christinia is a damn genius when it comes to tattooing and I finally got my left hand inked! I'll insert a picture of my beautiful fish.
It's not the best picture, because the Aquaphor is sporting a massive glare to the camera, but it's the first picture I took, right after I unwrapped it once I got home. The art itself, comes from the same guy who made the raven one on my right hand, who also did the ravens for Maggie Stiefvater's Raven Boys, which we all know I'm overly obsessed with. This tattoo is just really important to me. Yes, it's a little nod to being a Pisces, the second tattoo in the probably Pisces Trilogy that I'll end up having on my body haha, but also the colors are important. My soul, my aesthetic, my heart, is made up of my three favorite colors: Blue, pink, and grey. And while these fish aren't grey, both of them sporting blue and pink are because they're my favorite colors, but also a nod to gender. I hate gender constructs, especially over inanimate things like toys, makeup, and color, so I wanted to have it mean like an androgyny sort of vibe. I feel both masculine and feminine all the time, and I just wanted this tattoo to have that meaning as well. I've also named them, as I've named my raven (Her name is Chainsaw, after the raven in Raven Boys). Their names are Masc and Femme, and, naturally, the pink one is named Masc and the blue one is named Femme. I need to quit attaching so much analytical meaning to everything but, in the words of Nina Bo'Nina Brown, sue me.
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After settling down from the high of getting a new tattoo, I settled in bed and started to watch Charmed (I'm currently on Season 8 of my rewatch, so I'm almost done for the 2345676543th time) and after watching Shane videos on my phone, I fell asleep, got another three hours of slept, and then got instantly annoyed because of my phone.

So for the past I literally have no idea how long, my phone has been giving me trouble. Mainly, I've been having trouble with the lightning port and my charger staying plugged in to the damn thing. No matter what I did, it won't charge or play music from the lightning port unless it's wiggled in at a certain angle, and I was having enough. It also was having trouble staying plugged in. The chargers were slipping out at the slightest touch or move, and it was really grating on my everlast-gobstopping nerve. It was super low on battery before I took my little nap after getting my tattoo done, and when I woke up, even after making sure the phone was plugged in before I fell asleep, my phone was dead. Deader than dead. It wouldn't even turn on. I was freaking out, because I thought that all of the sudden, my phone had lost the ability to charge altogether. After about an hour of messing with it, I got it to turn on and stay charging. But I decided I was going to see about going to AT&T to get it looked at and possibly fixed. But at least it was finally charging.

Jessie ended up coming over, spending the weekend here at the house. She brought Aidyn obviously, and I even still can't get over how freaking adorable her baby is. He's such a good baby and just so damn precious. It's been nice having her here, so we can catch up and everything. She might be moving back down here soon, which would be awesome. I miss all the fun times us cousins used to have when we were little.

I slept fairly normally. If by fairly normally, I mean I didn't fall asleep until after two, and I woke up at 6:30 and ended up staying awake. But hey, these are the things that happen when recovering from overnights, I suppose. I went to AT&T and got my phone fixed though! All that was plaguing my phone? All the issues I've been having, all the frustrations? Was from lint. A damn dust bunny of lint that was so much more than I would have expected. The guy who cleaned it out said it's just from being in my pocket and shit and it happens all the time, but really? Lint was my issue? Whatevs, it's fixed now and I haven't had any problems since leaving the store, so I'm happy. But after getting back from AT&T, I ended up turning on Charmed and fell asleep, and literally wasted my entire day off. This wasn't some short little nap. I was asleep for SEVEN HOURS. I didn't wake up until literally 6:30 this evening. I'm actual trash.

The rest of tonight has been littered with me just catching up on Big Brother (Thank God Jessica went home and isn't part of Jury! Cody is still there, but hopefully he's leaving soon). I was going to catch up on Claws, but I ended up not. Also, Kesha's album finally came out! I ended up making a video of my reaction to the thing, but it's so good. It's so damn good. It was definitely worth the wait and I'll be listening to it until further notice. The title of this blog is what I described in my video reaction of what Rainbow is haha. I'm a mess. Speaking of pop stars, literally don't ask me how I feel about this whole Taylor Swift trail going on. Everyone who knows me know I'm a Super Swiftie. People saying they don't care are the problem and I won't listen to any of it. I'm so proud of her for lending her voice to justice and I just love it. She's also given us the best quote of 2017, to be honest. "My ass is on the back of my body." Literally legend.

I'm currently writing this in-between the series finale of Orphan Black and I'm FUCKED UP. Like how is this beautiful show over for good? This show has meant so much to me and I'm just not over it. The ending just rolled and I cried. It literally was the best thing ever. Clone Club for life.

Anyway, I should probably calm myself down. Maybe I'll finally get to play some Splatoon 2, maybe I won't. But alas, here's to coming back to day shift. And to some writing getting done this weekend, that would be the ultimate goal. Or maybe I'll down myself in some reading and get back into The Foxhole Court. Who the hell knows, I could end up staying up all night and mess my sleep up even more.

Your dark inked cowgirl,

-- Jesse

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