Thursday, June 7, 2018

Me? I'm Getting Off!

Again with the no song in NP, I'm still trying to get back into the swing of things haha. It's been pretty eventful since the last blog though so, I have a fair amount to talk about.

Right after the last blog, it was the event for OGP at work, so I was dealing with that literally as soon as I got there. It was raining on the way to work, so naturally, we had to move the event inside. But it was super fun. I was honestly the star of all the pictures, because I was running into everyone's picture because I'm a mess haha. I was in charge of the cotton candy machine and Faith Rose was in charge of snow cones and we KILLED it. Like we should honestly work at the fair or something.

Then I headed to my boyfriend's place for there weekend. We went to a nice little romantic dinner at the Farmhouse, but not before we had a talk about the previous Wednesday's events and things, and I'm just really really glad that we have the kind of relationship where we can easily be open and honest with each other. I just love our relationship. So after the Farmhouse, which was delicious, we went back to the apartment and hung out, ended up watching Coco in bed and we cried together so that was fun. And I was getting so tired and delirious from working all day that the title of this blog is what I thought he said to me while we were getting ready for bed haha.

Sunday we went to 622 for brunch, I got super drunk because they have wine flights, and then we spent the day in a drunken haze included going to Parkway Brewery, playing drunk Uno, and swimming drunk in the pool up at their place. So all in all that was a good day. Not to mention we went to see Solo after eating at Frank's and it was so good. LIKE so good. Better than Last Jedi, there I said it.

I did some writing on Monday during lunch and honestly I need to get back into doing that more because it felt absolutely amazing and made me feel really good so that needs to keep happening. Work hasn't been too bad lately, just working on things getting better so that's good. I filmed and posted another video reacting to Taylor's surprise songs on tour. We're only about a month away from my show and I'm so damn excited! AHHHH. I hung out with Benzo yesterday and we're planning outfits and things of that nature. I'm so pumped.

And Drag Race is finally back after being gone for a week, I'm super tired but I'm gonna try and treadmill, and that about does it. My grandma is at the beach and comes home tomorrow so things have been lax at the house.

Rewind to me saying I had a lot to talk about but then not haha.

Getting off,

-- Justin

Friday, June 1, 2018

Wrap Up

So hi! Wow, I'm getting really bad at updating this blog, aren't I? I don't know, things have just been absolutely whirling around me so fast it's hard to find a moment or even the motivation to sit down and collect my thoughts. I'm just going to bullet point some of the things that's transpired since my last update.

    • 13 Reasons Why Season 2 dropped on Netflix and I finished it fairly quickly. It's, in my opinion, not as good as Season 1, but I still cried and was horrified, so I guess they did their job?
    • The house has been pretty crazy around here. I mean, seriously. It's gone from my uncle's girlfriend being around here to no being around here to him sneaking in some random ass guy to sleep here in the middle of night and leave his clothes. I mean, things are fucking crazy at home, and ugh, whatever
    • My boyfriend hosted another theme night! I think it was the weekend of May 18th, and the theme was Decades Night! Come dressed as your favorite decade, and we came as the '50s! I'll attack some pictures below because we looked fucking cute and you can't tell me otherwise. Also, I got really drunk, played Fear Pong with the squad, and ended up being dared to take my boyfriend's pants off with just my teeth. And I was incredible at it. And he was wearing a belt. So there's a little tidbit about myself that you didn't ask for, but you sure the hell got for free haha.
    • A fan of my videos contacted me through Instagram and was...really aggressive? Like sending me dick pics and talking very inappropriately to me, so that's a thing that's happened?
    • I got a message from a girl who attended the Seattle show of the reputation Tour and, well yeah, more on that when I feel like I can actually talk about it, but yeah  😏.
    • Work is slightly getting better. I've resorted to writing everything that deters me from my actual job down in a notebook (a Taylor Swift notebook, of course, who do you think I am?) but things are improving. For example, last week I went two days with no freight, and this week? NO DAYS WITH FREIGHT.
    • My boyfriend surprised me with a spontaneous Date Night last Wednesday and we went to a brewery literally so close to my house and I never knew it existed haha. We talked about me potentially moving closer to him when he goes back home this summer, and things of that nature, and just had a really good time. Then we went to dinner at this place also super close to my house that I've never been to before, and our fellow LGBT server gave us free drinks? WOO FOR SOLIDARITY! (her words, not mine haha).
    • A hilarious story happened later that night back at his apartment about his co-worker, and let's just say that "I don't know, Lisette, just sing." is the new "Hope you're invited, girl." Oink oink, mukafukas.
    • I bought an actual duffel bag (instead of using the one we've been calling "the Meryl bag" for ages now haha) because last Friday I was leaving with my boyfriend and his roommate to go to Massanutten Resort with my boyfriend's mom! It was such an amazing trip and I can't get over how much his mom spoiled us and all the things we did. Our luxury hotel room, eating multiple times at Campfire Grill, the Valley Fest where there was beer, wine, and jerky tastings! Despite the heat it was amazing. Then we went to an indoor (YES!) water park that was incredible. We decided to stay an extra day, got this cute little motel outside Massanutten in Elkton, where things go a little...intense familial wise, we'll say, but all in all, it worked out in the end and everything is fine. We came back Monday and even though I called out, it was an amazing trip that was definitely needed. I'll also post pictures of that for anyone interested!
    • MIZ CRACKER FINALLY WON A CHALLENGE ON DRAG RACE. It was the makeover challenge and #HouseOfMiz is a bop. Miz Cookie was EVERYTHING.
    • I had a little mini breakdown this past Wednesday night. Wednesdays have been really hard on my lately, I don't know if it's because Faith Rose isn't there with me, or what, but they've just been hard. I was being super hard on myself about being a failure in the writing world, and feeling trapped in this area of where I live, and my boyfriend moving away (even though it's literally not a big deal and we've had amazing conversations about it) I was just going through it. And thanks to a nighttime drive (and a listen through of Shake It Off), I saw I was being too hard on myself, especially on things I can't control, which is part of my problem in the general scheme of me as a person. Mental health is a serious thing y'all, don't take it lightly! Super shout out to my boyfriend for being the sweetest (even if he was a little drunk during our phone call haha) person to me that night. I've literally never had someone say my feelings are valid and that their there for me no matter what their doing or if they're out with friends or whatever. He's literally so incredible, I can't express it enough. And shout out to my Benzo for always being on my side even when I don't deserve it. I love you both so much.
    • Things with my mom are still tense I guess? Like I get that she tried to call and my service was really bad but during the Massanutten trip, she (after not responding to my last text) sends me pictures of my brother graduating from High School...without telling me that his graduation was even on the horizon. Being left out of such an important milestone in my brother's life really hurt me, and thank God for my boyfriend being there to comfort me and literally watching me cry and still be the absolute best thing that's ever come my way in the romantic area. Like, could not thank him enough. But yeah, I don't know what's going on on that front. I still haven't heard from her...
    • I've been writing more! I finished the second to last scene for this current chapter I'm working on (thanks to 13 Reasons for the inspo) and now I'm on the last scene. I'm glad I can get back into my writing because I've been needing it lately. Maybe that's one of the reasons I've been so out of wack lately? I don't know, but we're also not going to go out as much at work on lunch so I can focus on writing then too. Hallelujah!
    • This work week has been super lax, coming in to no freight, but I've had everything else at work happen so I haven't been able to stay on process but that's besides the point. Our dress code at work changed! WE CAN WEAR JEANS. WE CAN WEAR SHIRTS WITHOUT COLLARS. WE CAN WEAR WHATEVER COLOR WE WANT. IT'S A NEW DAWN IS A NEW AGE. I love it. There's an event tomorrow for the opening of our OGP (online grocery pickup) and of course I'm helping with the abled help of Faith Rose and Pam Pam. Faith Rose, Shanan, and I went on an adventure today to get some of the stuff. So much fun!
    • I got a new phone! I've been just struggling with the iPhone X because it's a little too small for my massive man hands, and I went to Verizon, got approved for them for the first time in my life, and I got a new phone! I went to the red iPhone 8 Plus and I'm in fucking love with it. Paying back AT&T is going to be a bitch (even though I get to keep my iPhone X...I don't know why?)
    • I've been filming my reactions to the surprise songs during the reputation Tour! My All Too Well one was particularly fun, and I need to film the other two songs, I'll get there. But today is my chill day at home so I'm not filming today.

And that about brings us up to speed! No song in the NP this time just because of life and I've been listening to literally everything, but shout out to Lauv slaying the game and releasing his full "album" / playlist, I love that motherfucker ugh. I'm going to attempt to be better at updating this blog with everything, but only time will tell. Thanks to anyone reading and supporting me through this crazy thing called life. You're the best 💙.

Here's some of the pictures and things I mentioned in the bullets above!

I literally love this picture so much. Look how we're
 looking into each other's eyes, I'm wet.

Tell me about it, stud.

Neither of us remember taking this haha

Decades Night success!

Sitting by a cozy outside fire at Campfire Grill

Just a couple of cuties

My boyfriend's caption of "Two dads on
vacation" pretty much sums this up.

The traditional family on vacation picture

ft. Drunk Justin & West singing
Skinny legends posing before heading to
the indoor water park

There was this cute ass photo booth outside
the Country View place in Elkton
and I just had to take a photoshoot in it

The old Justin can't come to the phone right now...

Why? Oh...

'Cause he's dead!
I'm literally a mess, but at least I'm an entertaining one? Haha.

Wrapping up the negativity and letting the light in,

-- Justin

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Oh Boy!

| Now Playing: Better With You by Jesse McCartney |

I know it's ugly turning on the news,
There's people fighting over point of view,
Sometimes it's like there's nothing left to lose.
And I don't know what to do,
But I know it's better with you.

I was a wreck when you came along,
When there was nothing left,
You showed me the best.
I'm still a mess but you hold on,
Don't know just why you do,
But I know I'm better with you.

But I know I'm better with you,
I know I'm better with you,
But I know I'm better with you.

For every laugh there is a silent cry,
For every day there is a darker night,
Sometimes it's like life doesn't treat us right.
And I don't know what to do,
But I know it's better with you.

I know I'm better with you.

This blogging thing, let me tell ya. I've been slacking and slacking and slacking. Just life has been so crazy and hectic that I just haven't had time to even rest. I always feel like I'm go go go all the time. So what's all happened since the last time I posted in this thing?

Well, my boyfriend and I have gotten even closer. To me that seems impossible, but it's true. I just love him so much and this feels like the first time I've truly been in love, ya know? It's just been wonderful. We went to the Panic at the Lux event, went to an empty Park, watched Death Becomes Her, and just really enjoyed each other.

Work, has been a lot. I think that has a lot to do with why I feel so out of whack lately. I go from these intense extremes when I'm work, that it's literally pulling out all my energy. I have done some writing here and there, but because work is getting so relentlessly predictable and everything is staying the same for the worst, I tend to alleviate by spending time with my boyfriend and literally staying gone all weekend that writing has taken a way side. But I've got a lot of writing up in my head, so that's helping.

Honestly that's about it. My videos are doing well, reputation Tour is a wonderful thing, and I've just been sort of trying to escape everything from work. I got drunk last night and had a wonderful time filming a video of reacting to All Too Well, and cleaning my room. Oh, and I got an AC unit for my room.

I can't be bothered to be honest. More as things progress and hopefully calm down at work!

Exclaiming the new bitch phrase,

-- Justin

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Dick-Bringing Friend (How Dare You!)

| Now Playing: B by Todrick Hall |

Who was doing all the cooking, doing all the cleaning?
Who was making sure the cookies' always good for eating?
Who was there putting it down every evening
Even when you was leaving for no reason each time your phone was ringing?
And who was there making your friends wish that they could be you?
The game is done, You's a bum, I ain't finna feed you.
Take your shit out of the Benz you ain't got the key to.
I don't need you, kiss my ass while I pack and leave you.

Oh honey you fucked up real big this time,
Never get another bitch looking this fine.
Don't let the doorknob hit you,
Take your sidechick with you.
Tick tock,
Kick rocks, rocks.

Bitch I was your B, bitch I was your Yonce.
Bitch I was your B, bitch I was your Yonce.
Bitch I was your B, bitch I was your Yonce.
Bitch I was, bitch I was, bitch I, bitch I was your Yonce.
Bitch I was a ten, bitch you was a five, nah four.
Bitch I was a win, pussy most men would die for.
Bitch I had you in positions she couldn't apply for.
Why you have to lie for? I'm bored.
Bitch I'm Louboutin, I ain't fucking with Payless no more.
I'm a G6, I ain't flying with Southwest no more.
Bitch your ass is broke, I ain't looking to invest no more.
Bitch I was your Marilyn, you can't blow up my dress no more.
Could've been your Madonna,
Now who gone tell your mama?
You lost a bomb ass bitch,
Killing like Rihanna.
Hair like Arianna, Thick like a grown Moana.
Hope you're happy with Melania 'cause you lost Michelle Obama.
Eat it.

It's so damn hot in my room as I'm typing this, that I'm really struggling to piece together a coherent thought, but here comes the blog anyway haha. So after the last blog, I pretty much headed down to my boyfriend's because he asked me if I wanted to go ahead and come over, so I did. I'm trying to even remember everything through the current state of my overheated psyche, but I know we got a little too drunk, and even more so when West got home. I think we ended up watching some Golden Girls I think? And we were talking about our costumes for the party on Saturday. Oh, and I talked about how he would have a musical called Naps because of his tendency to...well, nap haha. How Dare You! is a song we kept singing / talking about throughout the weekend, so that happened. And when he was talking about seeing Once On This Island in New York, he talked about being a DBF for his friend Eva and I was like what the hell is that a dick-bringing friend? We got a barrel of laughs out of that. It stands for designated boyfriend for those wondering, because a bitch had no clue haha.

We watched some Golden Girls before bed, the "Do you have something to show me?" dream sort of came true, and we called it a night. He talked about how happy I make him, and honestly, it just feels so good to be with him. Not to make this a like praise me sort of blog, but I'm just so happy when we're together. He makes me want to be a better a person, a happier person, a inspiring person. He's just the best and I love him a lot.

Saturday morning we got to sleep in, and we got some Subway (I'm totally obsessed with the new wraps they have now, do yourself a favor and get the southwestern steak and cheese on tomato basil NOW) came back, watched some Golden Girls like we do. I fell asleep during it, so we went back to the bedroom and took a solid two-hour nap haha. He's rubbing off on me. Then we started getting ready for the Disney Night, and I realized I forgot my purple shirt, so we went to Walmart to get me one and then hustled back. We didn't get quite as turnt as we did Friday, but we had a good time. Lisette was Pocahontas and Kelly was Mulan, it was fun haha. We played Paranoia, which was super fun to get to bring from YouTube haha, then Kings: Truth or Dare edition, followed by BS. Just a good time haha. Then Sunday we hung out, watched some Superstore, went and saw Infinity War, which was pretty incredible, got some food from Macado's where our service was literally ridiculous, and then Allen packed and I left when he was leaving for Richmond to prepare for his interview Monday.

And then Sunday night my stomach was hurting until about 3AM so I called in. I had just enough energy to go to Kia, feel like I was going to get a car, test drove one of the Forte's I love so much, and then the bank said I owed too much and shut it down, I was bummed, but Allen was so super sweet about it and cheered me up, honestly make me cry in the best way, God, I love that man. And his interview went really well! I think so at least, even if I have to feel that way for him haha. From what he told me, it seems great. Finger crossed that this works out for him!

Even though I called out, I was asked to go to Bonsack to help them out Tuesday. I only agreed because it was with Destiny and I won't even get into how rude the people there are. Let's just say they need to watch who they serve their attitudes to because this bitch is the wrong one. We went there again today, but Destiny was off so Pam took her place. Today wasn't as bad, because we finished the freight and ended up going back to Salem because I told Thy they just wanted us to zone. I love when I get my way because my way makes more sense.

Which leads us to now with this heat. I'm over it. I can not do this. Jesus be a raindrop or a central air. I can not do this. I am not tropical or a damn Toucan. Shit, shit.

A fan of my version of DBFs and making up musicals,

-- Justin