Sunday, March 18, 2018

Grapes & Queso

| Now Playing: Be Brave by The Fosters Cast |

I know it was just a moment ago
When we stepped out on this road
But now I can't imagine love without you here
So hold my heart, though you're far away
It's not the end, but one more day
Until we make it through, know that I love you

I will be brave,
I will be strong,
Nothing can tear us apart.
Just one more step,
Just one more breath,
For you I will,
I will be brave

We live because we love,
We love 'cause we belong,
Yes I swear,
Oh you healed the scars that never felt a wound,
And we'll never need their rules.
To guide the way,
Love will light the day.

So I've pretty much had both Love Will Light The Day and Be Brave stuck in my head since the last blog haha. Wednesday, they both came on shuffle when I was in the back room tending to my bins and I was like yaaaasssss. And I've been waking up with first Love Will Light The Day stuck in my head and then the past couple days its changed to Be Brave, so yeah haha. Maybe it was fueled by all the posts on social media that I've seen about The Fosters 100th episode being filmed or whatever, but I've been jamming to those emotional bops lately.

Work was been just a lot lately. I know I'm not trying to focus on the stress and work related things of that nature, but it's just been a lot. Tensions are really high, people are fed up, people are upset, it's just been a lot. I was just thankful to have Wednesday to cater to my bins to be honest. It was the one day I didn't have to run obscene amounts of freight. Thank God I have Faith Rose there, literally wouldn't know what to do without her there haha. I stayed after Thursday to help her with Cheese, and then Friday, they tell us we can't keep all of our overtime, even though the incentive for this week was we could get overtime. Go figure.

So since Scooby Doo night was postponed, I suggested to Allen that we go see Love, Simon on Saturday, so that's what we did. We both were hoping the other wanted to see an earlier showtime, which worked out perfectly haha. We had to leave as soon as I got to his place because my laundry ended up taking so damn long, but we got to the theater with time to spare. The movie was so damn cute, I can't even. I really wish I had had a movie like Love, Simon when I was growing up. They explored a lot with what it feels like to be gay and not tell anyone, so I commend them for that. All in all, it was beautiful film. A way better experience than that of Call Me By Your Name. Plus there was a lot of theater class scenes and Allen was living and basically Ms. Albright in the film was Allen haha. She was the star, to be Pocahonest.

Then we were starving so we went to get something to eat. Texas Roadhouse was way too long of a wait so we went to Red Robin, where we had a good time, despite it being really busy and the services a little wonky because of it. But we were together so there wasn't any complaints on that end haha. We were supposed to be hanging out with Amanda and CJ at the house, which is where we went after dinner, but they never showed or anything, so Allen and I had our own night in. Watched The Lizzie McGuire Movie and High School Musical and lived every part of our best gay life haha. He also randomly decided to try something knew while we were eating tortilla chips with queso as well as some grapes to dip the grapes in queso and bitch. That combo? LIVING. It was so damn good, we kept eating the grapes with queso for the rest of the night haha. We're honestly icons.

We had our romantic night together, which was super nice, and then were both loopy heading to bed haha. Then this morning we just had wonderful in bed conversations like we usually do and I headed home and here I am. Did a little bit more writing like I did Friday, but I'm feeling a little creatively drained for some reason. Maybe it's because I wrote that chapter in Stiles' Anatomy, but who can never be sure. I'm honestly just gonna chill today I think. Maybe hit the treadmill a little later in the day, but chilax sounds like a plan right now.

Always up for some grapes and queso,

-- Justin

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Flake Off

| Now Playing: Vroom Vroom by Charli XCX |

Let's ride,
Let's ride,
Let's ride,
Let's ride.

Lavender Lamborghini, 
Roll up in a blue bikini,
Bitches on the beaches, 
Looking' super cute and freaky,
All my friends are princesses, 
We keep it whipped and creamy,
Ice cubes on our tongues 
Because we like to keep it freezy.
Bubblegum pink Ferrari, 
Yeah I'm so bossy,
Speeding' like Alonso 
Just to crash your party,
People are going loco when I'm pullin' up, 
Take your puppy,
Don't think about consequences 
'Cause they're never gonna stop me.

All my life, I've been waiting for a good time,
A good time.
All my life, I've been waiting for a good time,
A good time.
So let me ride, let me ride.
All my life, I've been waiting for a good time,
A good time.

So let's ride.
Vroom vroom,
Bitches know they can't catch me.
Vroom vroom,
Cute, sexy and my ride sporty.
Vroom vroom,
Those slugs know they can't catch me.
Vroom vroom,
Beep beep,
So let's ride.

Okay, for real, listen to the song in the NP. Seriously, I've been obsessed. The production of this song is absolutely insane, especially during the chorus. Ugh, it's literally so good. And the title of this blog was something that Faith Rose said randomly Monday to Shanan and it was so funny haha.

Not a whole lot has happened since my last blog. Monday was a weird day at work, only because Warden and DBL have been out, and I stayed after with Faith Rose because they're allowing overtime because the backroom is a mess. But then after work, Allen invited me up, I got way too drunk, and I ended up getting upset haha. Thinking about on it now, it was so stupid, and I was blowing it way out of proportion in my own head. Nothing bad happened, just something that was self-inflicted and really frustrating on my end. Allen was an absolute sweetheart about it, because he is an absolute sweetheart, and I couldn't ask for a better boyfriend to be honest. But we had a good time regardless, and I love spending time with him.

I wasn't really feeling work Tuesday, but I made it through. I ended up taking a nap after work, sleeping in my jacket, and then I went back to bed at around 9:30, and slept all the way until work this morning. I was just in my feels about the whole Monday thing, and I just needed a pick me up.

It came first when I slept so refreshingly last night. The second came when Allen and I were texting this morning, and I told him about me sleeping in my jacket, and he said he did that all the time with the jackets of mine he has but that it couldn't replace sleeping with me. Literally melt my heart haha. Then I told him I was doing the same thing with the sleeping pants he gave me, and we both were just adorable this morning.

Another thing, or really the only other thing, I did was I wrote another chapter in Stiles' Anatomy. Remember that thing I started? Haha. AO3 is a wonderful place, and I was so looking forward to posting another chapter. I've just been feeling it lately, and I needed to churn out another chapter.

Ooh, I also bought all my items for my Velma outfit for this weekend! Thank God for Amazon to be honest, because I bought everything but my pants there. The shorts I bought I actually found online at work, so that worked out. I'm super excited about the get together, I just hope that because it's also St. Patrick's Day that it doesn't get cancelled. I guess we'll see!

I'm just feeling really good today, and in such good spirits and such a different mood than the one I was in Monday, and yeah, I'm still a little worried about it, but I'm not going to let it get me down, and I'm striving to do better. I bought some new pants yesterday, a size down from my regular ones and they didn't fit. Bought another size down today, and they fit perfectly! So I've basically dropped two pant sizes, and I'm super proud of myself. Making better eating choices and hitting the treadmill as hard as I have been, is really helping with my outlook. Here's hoping it keeps going well!

Flaking off the negativity,

-- Justin

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Season's Blessings

| Now Playing: High Society by Betty Who |

Look it's almost morning,
Baby turn your collar up.
There ain't nobody dancing,
Who looks better down and out on their luck.
Run away to a little place with me,
Where everybody thinks we're royalty,
Think of how easy life could be.
Run away to a place that isn't far,
Forget the jet, call us a car,
It doesn't matter where we are.

Won't you, carry me away,
After endless ballroom dreams?
With you, starting every day,
We'll be high society.
We'll drink, Chardonnay through the day,
'Cause we say so.
A silk lapel, suits you well,
Baby you know.
With you, each and every day,
We'll be high society.

BAM. Probably another short blog in the works for today, but honestly, what's new? Just wanted to pop on here and post a little update I guess haha. I thought that the Scooby Doo party was still in the works for Friday, but that didn't end up happening. Which I didn't know until after I bought a bunch of Fred clothes because there was no time for me to do a gender bent Velma. But it works out that it's actually happening next weekend because I'll have time to plan out my Velma outfit now haha.

So after work Friday, I just ended up hanging around. Did some very minuscule writing in my Grey's Anatomy x Teen Wolf fanfiction haha, might update a chapter of it real soon. I don't know, I was just feeling the Sterek feels I guess. Then yesterday morning, I was fully ready for Benzo and Allen to meet, so that was happening. Allen texted me and said something about me driving up there and we could drive back down together since we were going back to his place after anyway, which was funny because I was going to suggest the same thing haha. Great minds think alike. So I headed up there, we drank a little bit, hung out with West while he watched The Good Doctor. Then we headed down to Smokey Bones and got our table and then Benzo finally joined us. They got a long great, not that I was worried. They got on really well and that made me happy because I really care about him and it's important for her to like him and everything just for my peace of mind haha. I even found out that Allen knows about Milly the puppet and I literally about cried that he knew that because she's such an obscure reference that Benzo and I talk in all the time, it made my heart sing.

After dinner we went back to Allen's place, and just hung out with West instead of getting together with Allen's co-workers like we were going to. We drank some more, watched SNL, and then went to bed, but after Allen showed me this hilarious parody of the Blair Witch Project starring Scooby Doo characters, literally a mess haha. And this morning, we just hung out for a little bit before I came home, and here we are haha.

The title of this blog comes from what Allen thought I said on the ride back to Blacksburg when I said "peace and blessings" to something, and he thought I said the title haha. Good times. There was also a lot of jokes about getting plowed and the little sayings that both of us say all the time.

I'm still waiting on my audiobook to be "cleared" for publication from ACX, so I'm literally just waiting on them now that the cover is finalized and uploaded and everything. I just really want to get Sever out there as many places and in as many ways as I possibly can.

Blessing this season of television,

-- Justin

Wednesday, March 7, 2018


| Now Playing: Paris In The Rain by Lauv |

All I know is, mmm mmm mmm.
We could go anywhere, we could do,
Anything girl whatever the mood, we're in.
Yeah all I know is, mmm mmm mmm.
Getting lost late at night under stars,
Finding love standing right where we are.
Your lips, they pull me in the moment,
You and I alone and,
People may be watching, I don't mind.

'Cause anywhere with you feels right,
Anywhere with you feels like,
Paris in the rain, Paris in the rain.
We don't need a fancy town,
Or bottles that we can't pronounce,
'Cause anywhere babe,
Is like Paris in the rain.
When I'm with you, when I'm with you.
Paris in the rain, Paris in the rain.

I look at you now and I want this forever,
I might not deserve it but there's nothing better.
Don't know how I ever did it all without you,
My heart is about to, about to jump out of my chest.
Feelings they come and they go, that they do.
Feelings that come and they go, not with you.
The late nights and the street lights and the people,
Look at me girl and the whole world could stop.

So yeah, it's been another week. These blogs are getting thinner and thinner as the weeks get on, but honestly, it's whatever. Shout out to the hilarious sayings that this blog was going to take, such as "Bible Option", "What's The Shit?" (A play on what's the sitch from Kim Possible haha) and "Switch To Dionysus." All are from Allen Saturday night when he was hysterically tired and kept saying the most ridiculous but hilarious things haha. Also, shout out to I Wanna Boi by PWR BTTM for being the song for the NP until Lauv took over. It totally would have been if I had posted during the weekend haha.

The rest of last week was admittedly lackluster, but Saturday was pretty great. Firstly, I wasn't planning on sleeping so late, but I didn't wake up until 12:30. Oops! And then almost immediately, Allen texted me, having only recently awoken himself, and asked if I wanted to go to a wine tasting with him. Obviously, as I've never been to one, I was so damn ready for it. So I literally, threw on some clothes and headed up to his place. The first place we went to was New River Vineyard and ugh, it was so amazing. They had like 12 different wines, if not more, for us to savor. It was just a wonderful experience. But I got a little more drunk than I probably should have because I hadn't eaten anything haha. But Allen and I each bought our favorite of the wines in bottle form and he asked if I wanted to go to this other one, and duh, we went haha.

And it was great! Not as good in my opinion as far as the wine, but we met this couple, Melissa and Chad, during it, so that was an adventure. They were like early 40's I'd guess, but after Allen and I bought a bottle each, we sat down with them and drank wine and go to know each other. They got a little personal with their daughter, but hey, it was a good time.  After that, Allen and I got dinner, tried to watch Fences at his apartment, and then just went to sleep. I had to work Sunday, so I had to get what little sleep I got.

Monday, at work, was drama FILLED. Alex obliterated that morning meeting, hunty. And of course, Warden reacted absolutely ridiculously, but what can you do? My day off was consumed by not really doing a whole lot haha. I had some really disappointed Taco Bell because they got my order wrong TWICE, but at least I finished a scene in chapter ten of Book Two haha.

Other than that, not a whole lot has happened. Today (Thursday) I finally got a frame for the picture Allen gave me for my birthday! It was so super cute of him to give me that as a birthday present. Work has just been sort of crazy lately, frightful, if you will, and today all I did was mods pretty much. But we had our bonus luncheon so that was fun. I'm just so damn full haha.