Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Sweat Demon

| Now Playing: Drive by Miley Cyrus |

You told me that you wanted this,
I told you it was all yours.
If you're done with it,
Then why'd you say forever for?
If forever's out the door,
I'll ignore, when you call.

Drive my heart into the night,
You can drop the keys off in the morning.
'Cause I don't wanna leave home,
Without your love, without it.

I thought you would be there when I go,
You promised you would be there when I go.
But all the broken promises,
I won't miss, I'm finished.
All I know are the facts.
That when I look you in the eye,
All I see are the lies.
Been there, done that.

Sweaty, do I have tea to serve. So in true blogging fashion, this blog is probably (definitely) going to be a lot more potent than my last blog. I don't know what it is about my Wednesday blogs but those tend to have more in them than the Saturday blogs. I guess because most of my work week in capsulized in the Wednesday vlogs, but who can never be sure?

I got to sleep in on Sunday, but not before being woken to the feeling of heat. And after further inspection, I saw that it because my AC unit was, while working, was leaking and half of my room was absolutely drenched in water. I guess I just knew something was wrong. So I turned off the AC unit and went back to sleep. Well, home girl was SWEAT-ING, bitch. But at least there wasn't anymore water being poured into the carpet. So thus begun the great drying phase. I ended up taking the AC unit out, hoping that we get some cooler weather because it's still pretty warm for October, and ya girl needs frigid soul temperature's to be able to be comfortable, and thus sleep. I took the AC unit out to the building and played some Splatoon 2. Vamps were the champs of Splatfest, so I won, ya heard. But anyway, after that, I was basically on Tumblr for the majority of the day, looking at people's HQ pictures with Taylor and my heart was just so full (even though I was admittedly a little jealous and coming down with a severe case of FOMO). I kept seeing all these pictures of Taylor in the Secret Sessions and she just looks so happy surrounded by her fans and it just reminded me of something, so I went into overdrive to make this picture that I'll embed now. It's actually a meme, and as we all know, I'm an avid fan of the Simpsons, so it's a twofer.

LOOK HOW FUCKING CUTE SHE IS. It's a hack job to be Pocahonest, but it's great. And it started getting notes like CRAZY. By the time my grandma and I left the house to head over to Fay's for dinner (Bonnie's in town), it had over 200 notes. I was like WHAEET?? I never make my own content on Tumblr, aside from text posts, so getting a bunch of notes is sort of a big deal for me. Makes me feel sort of noticed by the fandom, I guess. Thanks I guess. (I literally can't say that without using that damn phrase) But yeah. I was supporting the shit out of Taylor even at my family get together. Also, I made my black pants into shorts, thanks to more stitch witchery. I don't know if I shared those. Peep them pics, hunty.

My shorts come out so fucking good FUCK. Anyways, then the dinner happened. And girl, it was a lot. I like these shindigs or whatever, it's nice to see Bonnie when she flies out from Louisiana (She brought her daughter Shelby, whom we've never met, and her boyfriend, so that was cool too.) but there always ends up being drama. The food was great. It was barbecue and fixins that went along with it, but the drama. Okay, so my grandpa didn't go because he didn't want to, and I can't say I blame him because my grandma and her sisters just have a very tumultuous relationship. They've always sort of (Not really sort of, actually, just outright) treated her like she was less than them, and it's just never stopped. But anyway. Since my grandma didn't come, my grandma, after everyone was finished eating (Mind you, this is already about an hour and a half into the dinner / party), asked me if I would go make him a plate. So obviously, I was going to. Taylor (My cousin, not my lifeline) followed me because she wanted to make her boyfriend Tony a plate, also shouldn't be an issue. So I go into the kitchen and ask my grandma's sister for a paper plate, I immediately get an attitude that I surely didn't ask for. I was a little taken aback, but I just said "Oh, I was just going to make a plate for Pawpaw) and she looked at me and says "Oh, well [my grandma] can do that later, we haven't even had dessert yet". Literally what does that have to do with anything?

Not a damn thing, but sure, Jan. So after I get another attitude, she tells me where they're at, and I grab a couple for me and my cousin. It honestly just really pissed me off, because, why was that such a big deal? Why? It's not because there's not enough food because honestly, there was enough food there to feed at least a whole other family of 20, if not more, so like?? But we went on our merry fucking way and tried to enjoy the rest of the evening. Until right before we left. My grandma's sisters always take Bonnie out here and there when she's in town, which to me sounds so exhausting, I would just want to hang out with my sisters, but hey, it's not my time their wasting. So anyway, my grandma asks an innocent question (Albeit she could have curbed her attitude a little, but ya know) on whether or not anyone else is invited to this thing they're taking Bonnie too on Wednesday, and instead of answering my grandma, her sister just looks at her and then turns her heard, acting like she hadn't even spoken. I WAS LIKE YOU KNOW FUCKING WHAT??

I literally was so attacked at the fact that she had the gaul to do that in the first place, least of all right in front of me, my grandma's rabies infested creature of the night. Like what makes you think that you can just treat people like they don't matter? It wasn't the fact that she wasn't invited that pissed my grandma off, it was the fact that after asking about the excursion, she was ignored and treated like she was nothing. And that's when she made her trek out of the house without saying a word. I knew she was pissed because honestly, so was I. So I started to tell everyone bye and headed out. But of course, Rosanna and Bonnie are following me out there, as well as Joyce (But we love her, and I'm still pissed that the others refused to invite Joyce, who flew all the way from California just to meet Bonnie) And then they start having it out and my grandma is 100% over it, and getting loud and heated, and I just had to get her out of there, even though her anger was justified, I don't like to indulge that type of thing, so we got the hell out of there. I tried calming her down as best as I could on the way home. And even after all that about us making plates, we were sent home with so much food. Granted, I don't think it was about the food but still. Just no reason. No Reasons Why, now streaming on Netflix.

Winding down, I just decided to lounge around with some Splatoon, and I kept getting tired while playing, so that's good. Plus, I decided I needed to take some melatonin in order to get some sleep. Sleep ended up being a little hard to come by. 1, because I was hotter than hell, and ended up having to soak a towel in water and use it as my blanket for the night because THAT'S how hot I was not having my AC unit anymore and 2, because I was hoping Taylor Swift would see my Do It For Her post and like it. But I need to quit thinking that I'm ever going to really meet her, even though I want to so desperately, especially this era because she has literally saved my life, but I'm not going to hold my breath.

Waking up a few times, my sleep itself wasn't actually too bad, so that's good. I made my coffee, turned on my Sam & Joe podcast, and headed into work. And I don't know if my Target order for reputation didn't go through (For the third time) but I magically had 40 dollars on my card this morning, which ended up being for the best because I was starving and I really needed deodorant. Work wasn't too bad, I only had one cart of freight, and then a pallet that all ended up having to be binned, so that worked out for me. Coming back from the weekend is always the hardest, especially this weekend, where I didn't get much writing done and there was all the drama from Sunday weighing me down, so it's the sort of day that I needed to come back to. And then, I ended up writing on lunch! I finished the third scene out of five for this chapter, so everything is coming together nicely. And I did it while listening to Miley Cyrus' Bangerz album and man, I almost forgot how amazing it is. All my solo edits are obviously superior, and I need to find them and add them to my phone again, but yeah. Drive is definitely still my favorite off the album and thus has landed in the NP. After lunch, I spent the rest of the work day doing processes and Seanathan Michael Preston came in, so that was good, so I could tell him about all the overstock that's coming in and everything.  Nothing really crazy happened at work, except for the fact that there's Rumors by Lindsay Lohan going around that someone's already landed the position that I recently applied for, but I didn't expect to get it, they want me where I'm at.

And my Do It For Her post has reached 1,276 notes! That's so crazy, and I'm super grateful to everyone and anyone that's reblogged it since yesterday. And Nat from Australia, the super famous fan in the fandom that met Taylor during the 1989 tour, reblogged it, so that like super boosted my post and I turned into Trisha Paytas.

I came home, and stuck to my guns and worked on my boosts while playing Splatoon, forever the staple. I'm at 1526 boosts! Super proud. OH! I almost forgot. I found a GEM as soon as I walked into work this morning. I was passing Electronics to head to the work station and saw Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Movie, yes, the 1995 original that I have on VHS that doesn't work anymore and  would ALWAYS watch on days I stayed home from school, on DVD. So, like, I had to get it. I just had to. That was one of the best things I've seen at work in a while haha. I even worked out a little bit after I was finished, but I honestly got so out of breath that I had to stop, but ya know. Luckily, it's only gotten to like 68 today temperature wise, so sleeping tonight should be good because since the sun went down, I pulled my window down and stuck the fan from the living room in the window to blow in the cool air. Other than that, I've just been listening to Look What You Made Me Do and ...Ready For It? on a loop while I've written this blog, or at least remembered everything from Sunday and Monday, or today. So here's to tomorrow, hopefully following the same lines as today. Also, Benzo and I really wanted to go to Bingo today, and enjoy the increased jackpot, but we're both broke, so here I sit, in my rep hat, my Beats on, wearing nothing but my Patrick Star underwear and the pink hoodie I stitch witched, writing this blog. Living large. I'm gonna wind down with That '70s Show, is what I'm gonna do. I'm almost finished with Season 3 (thanks sleeping problems!) so, I should be on Season 4 by tomorrow. Goodnightly news.

I finally slept through the night, good, actual sleep, for the first night that I can remember in I can't remember how long. Literally it felt like I was finally a human again, reborn from the dark pits of insomnia. I didn't get an incredible amount of sleep, not more or anything like that. But I actually just rested while I was sleeping. So that really impacted how my day went, I suppose. I guess it's crazy what some good sleep can do for you. Thanks I guess. But I woke up before my alarm went off, and I just went ahead and started getting ready. It gave me a little more time to perfect my coffee, and then I had enough time to grab some breakfast at Hardee's, because I was feeling good from the sleep, so I figured I should further the hope for a good day by actually eating breakfast for once.

And I was FUCKED UP because of That '70s Show. I was absolutely dreading to get to the episode where Donna and Eric break-up, and then Eric wants the Angel to take all the memories. It's always fucked me up even before I had watched the show all the way through, and I was just so unready. So after crying during their break-up and the take-the-memories-away scene, I was so upset that I had to have a slice of chocolate cake and some milk. Because reasons. I was in my feelings for sure. But I started Season 4, since it starts with that Angel episode. It was a lot. Good, but a lot.

Work wasn't too crazy, aside from the fact that we had company. Our new Market was there, so everyone was in a panic, but not ya girl. Because it is what it is anymore. So after the meeting, which was just enough, we went about our merry fucking day. I actually stuck pretty close to routine for the day, which is a godsend if I ever heard of one. I'm lucky on days where routine gets done. Anyways, there's really nothing to tell about that day, except for my home girl Teresa (who's been out sick with her awful migraines) got shaded by a manager. I jokingly was talking about taking Pets back if it was re-split and the amount of attitude I got as well as the actual dialogue that transpired was enough. But what can you do for a Klondike bar.

When I got home from work, my grandma was out somewhere, I can't remember where she was. But almost as soon as I got home, I saw someone walking around the front yard toward the backdoor at the carport, where I park. I thought it might have been Ian at one point, but it wasn't, and honestly, it was a little freaky. I didn't know exactly what was going to happen, but it ended up being a guy from AEP. They had some type of line down or something or other and he said in about ten minutes our power was going to go off and then it would probably take around THREE HOURS before it was back on. Home girl was not having it. So it went off around 5, and since it was already getting hot in the house, I headed outside because it was cooler out there anyway. I did some writing outside while listening to Lana's Lust For Life album (which I really need to listen to more because it's so good) but that didn't last long because the restlessness was settling in nice and fine. So I ended up heading in my car (Even though I should be cooling it because my tire pressure light is on and it freaks me out. I meant to call today, but LunchCrewAdvised2K17 happened, so I didn't have a chance / forgot) to go across town to hit up Barnes & Noble. I've been waiting and waiting and waiting for work to get Maggie Stiefvater's new book that came out on the 10th, to no avail. So I decided to listen to the Speak Now album on the way there, great fun was had. I'm super excited to read the book because everything that Maggie touches is literal gold. But I'm biased. I mean, I do have a tattoo that her book series inspired. I'm only about ten pages into the book, but it's very intriguing. More on this as the weeks progress.

When I came home, the power was already back on, despite it not being the full three hours that I was told it would be, so that was something to be thankful for. I ended up doing my boosts as soon as I got home, while playing a spell or two of Splatoon. I mean, that's just honestly all I do anymore. OH, also, I was doing section work and found that statue of the Dia de los Muertos married couple that I've been obsessed with since we've gotten Halloween stuff in. I put it up there to buy one day, forgot, and thought someone had put in back in Seasonal. But upon finding it, I went ahead and bought it. I even named them from when I first found them, so here's a lovely picture of Raoul and Francesca standing on their new home atop a copy of my book.

Precious angels. After that, I settled into an early night (early here means before midnight) and settled into bed with That '70s Show. I almost forgot too, Monday night, I did some HIIT excersies and I've been sore ever since. I think it was the squats, I think I went a little too hard on them. But that's what happens when I listen to ...Ready For It? I've been on a kick over this and the last blog that I posted where I've just been listening to both LWYMMD and RFI on a loop. I guess that little break I took to not tire of them worked because now I'm back to listening to them both probably about ten times a day. Honestly, Taylor just needs to drop another promo single so I can add another roster to my  rotation. I also watched the episode of Riverdale that I had missed so I was caught up, but I probably won't watch tonight's episode live because I have a hotel to book. I'll get to that in a sec.

I actually set earlier alarms this morning so that I could get some breakfast from McDonald's because honestly, I just deserve it. Anyway, so that was wonderful. I got up so early, coffee wasn't ready, and I couldn't wait, so I didn't end up having any coffee this morning, so that was a bummer. But the day ended up being a pretty good one, despite what happened. So the visit was not a good one, go figure, so we're doing this thing where we deep dive as a team into departments. Cap, work picks, zone, change on hands and shelf cap, the whole nine. While this is good in theory, and EVERY department either needs it or could benefit from it, it takes us away from our own departments, which is already the problem. But ya know, in due time, I hope. First up was Wendy, so we went to work on that. It wasn't too bad, just I didn't see my own department until after two. To be expected, I suppose.

So Pam asked me if I wanted to go to lunch. Teresa is still out sick, and Destiny was off today, so it was just me and her as far as original members of LunchCrew2K17. We invited Wendy and Amber, so we thus became LunchCrewAdvised2K17, and we had a blast. Since it's Wednesday, we went back to Macado's to get our Southwestern Quesadilla because BITCH. And we complained about things, like normal, and thought about how bad it's going to be when Warden gets back tomorrow, from being off today. It's going to be bad, I can feel it.

After lunch, we went back to help Wendy, but because I had over 200 price changes, I had to leave at 2 and go back to my department (As well as most everybody else). It really wasn't a bad day, it truly wasn't, but I got absolutely nothing done in my department today, aside from what price changes I was actually able to get done. All my freight from this morning was left for overnight to run, thankfully to Dennis, so we'll so how that went in the morning.

The weirdest thing happened when I was leaving work. I got into my car, like normal, and plugged up my phone to play music, like normal, (and by music, I mean ...Ready For It? and Look What You Made Me Do), and it wouldn't work. It would play CDs, it would play the radio, but it would not play music from my phone. It would charge it, so obviously everything is working correctly, but it refused to play music from my phone. So then I started panicking, thinking it has to be my car, but because it's still charging, it has to be my phone. So I listened to the 1989 CD I have in my car on the way home to get my Taylor fix and Googled that shit as soon as I got home. The internet was saying try restarting your phone, but I saw an article that said look for an update, and sure enough, there was an update available that said "addressing audio playback issues". Tell me how in the fuck my car knew my phone needed to update before I did? What an age we live in.

And since I've been home today? I haven't done much. Played some Splatoon 2, caught up on some Shane Dawson videos, and now, I'm about to book the hotel for Nashville! Because Aloft is going to be so expensive, just for one night, I'm going to go through my discount from work to get a cheaper hotel, and I've found a good one. Plus, Benzo got the official thumbs up that she can probably have Saturday off to go down with me, so it's looking good. After I book the hotel, I think I'm going to work on boosts for a little bit, because I've almost hit 1600 and I have a self made goal of hitting 2000 before the ticket site goes down and you can't gain anymore haha. Oh, and that Do It For Her post I made on Tumblr? It's at 1,493 notes. I'm basically Tumblr famous. Not really, but I can dream, I guess haha.

And my selfie trend has continued. And because I know my avid following (aka, just me) wants to see those pics, here they are.


So artsy, so edgy. 

Luckily, I haven't been too hot from not having the AC unit in my room. It's been so cold at night, I haven't had to worry about it. I've even had to turn my fan that faces my bed off to sleep because I was getting to cold when I was laying down. But I'll always be a sweat demon.

Forever a demon exuding heat,

-- Jesse

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Ain't That About A Bitch

| Now Playing: I Know You All Over Again by Trixie Mattel |

Is it wrong if I listen,
To songs that we lived in?
The stories are stayin the same.
I lie by the speaker,
Just getting weaker,
Until I remember your name.

And I don't call you when I cry,
And I don't up and go away.
Mostly I'm fine, most of the time
I get by like I said.

I haven't been drinking,
I haven't been thinking,
Of lonely, if onlys, and then.
And then I see you,
And I know you all over again.
And then I see you,
And I love you all over again.

Night #4 of not getting sleep. I swear, I don't know what's wrong with me. I want to sleep, I want to rest. But that didn't happen for me Wednesday night. I literally wish I could find out what was wrong with me, having this awful luck getting to sleep. But Thursday really tried it work wise. So after the craziness over whether or not my mods were getting done the day before, they actually did them. And they left me a cart of EIGHT breakpacks full of stuff they said was "deleted". Only, upon further inspection, most of it was mod, and they must not have felt like doing it. Or overstock, that they also didn't want to deal with. I was livid. I found Seanathan Michael Preston (Whom I've been calling Preston for short, and I've gotten other people to start doing the same and it's HILARIOUS) and told him the wonderful news, and he wasn't too happy about it either.

For lunch, me and LunchCrew2K17 headed for something different and went to El Rodeo for lunch. I didn't realize they had a buffet for lunch. MEXICAN. BUFFET. Clearly, I was in heaven. And the food was SO GOOD. Ugh, I can still taste how perfectly seasoned the chicken was. The rest of the work day was me sorting through the breakpacks. I got everything down to four boxes, which is good progress. I left it with the direction of either Skyler or overnight to at least get rid of the breakpack of active mod, but did that happen after I got another night of no sleep? No. I stayed up past midnight because people thought that Taylor might release a song for Friday the 13th. But that didn't happen, so thing were back to normal.

Friday was a pretty good day. I spent the day getting rid of the breakpacks that they didn't have the effort to do, I guess. Thank I guess. So LunchCrew2K17 reunited, with a new friend from the trainco, and we hit up Pizza Hut's buffet, and I'm a broke bitch, but Teresa the true MVP and backed my ass. And then something crazy happened. I got on Tumblr and people were posting stuff about Swift Life and a bitch was frantic thinking that it dropped. But apparently, it was only available in New Zealand and Singapore, beta testing for the real launch. And Destiny had no idea that Singapore was a real place haha, so that was fun. And there was this hottie eating along in a perfectly fitted green shirt too, and Destiny and I were THIRSTY bitch, Thirstie Alley. What is it with Pizza Hut and having hot guys as customers? Ya bitch is fucking into it. This guy was tall and bearded and a raven kissed God. Damn.

Then when I got home, Tumblr was going crazy because bitch THERE WAS A REPUTATION SECRET SESSION IN LONDON. Like WHAT?! how is that a thing?? No one had any idea that Taylor would do the Secret Sessions again after 1989, and I'm just so happy for everyone who got to go, even though she's feeling Bitter Betty as an alter ego. Then I hopped on Nacha (kaleidoscopeofourmemories on Tumblr)'s Insta live stream, and we had a fun time chatting together, mostly just the two of us most of the time. So then info about the Secret Sessions started pouring in and reputation is being described as "More lyrically sharp than Speak Now, more emotional than Red, and a better pop album than 1989." HOW. HOW?  Someone else said it's the Speak Now of pop albums, and another person called it "Better than Red". I'M SO FUCKING SHOOK.

Today, on my day off, I finally got some much needed rest. Isn't it sad that the only good sleep I've gotten this past week was during my days off? Ugh. I'm over it. But today was great. I didn't do any writing because today was totally my Lays Potato Chip day. I've been playing Splatoon 2 all day because there's another Splatfest going on, Vampires vs. Werewolves (I'm TeamVamp, obvi) so that's been fun. Then I super cleaned my room and car because both of them needed it really bad. Did some laundry, washed those black pants I've been wearing to work and repurposed them as shorts because I really need some good black shorts to wear when I'm NOT at work, and I want to wear them to the family get together that's happening tomorrow. I'm gonna be wearing my black rep shirt too and just make myself black as my heart. So that's gonna be fun. Watched a new movie on Netflix, The Babysitter, pretty good. Hashed out some details with Benzo about this impending impromptu trip to Nashville next month, right after reputation drops to go see Maggie Stiefvater! I'm super excited. And now? Now I'm headed to bed. This blog is super watered down compared to the last one, but ya know haha.

Oh, and also? I cut my damn finger making a sandwich today. ON A PLASTIC KNIFE. Literally, my personality in a nutshell. And the title of this blog is just one of my many sayings, but I've been saying it a lot lately. Plus, I'm a bitch so.

A bitch at heart,

-- Jesse

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

BINGO 2: Gloria Gladys

| Now Playing: The Last Time by Taylor Swift |

Find myself at your door,
Just like all those times before.
I'm not sure, how I got there,
All roads they lead me here.
I imagine you are home,
In your room all alone.
And you open your eyes into mine,
And everything is better.
And right before your eyes, I'm breaking.
No past, no reasons why.
Just you and me.

This is the last time I'm asking you this,
Put my name at the top of your list.
This is the last time I'm asking you why,
You break my heart in the blink of an eye.

Find yourself at my door,
Just like all those times before.
You wear your best apology,
But I was there to watch you leave.
All the times I let you in,
Just for you to go again.
Disappear when you come back,
Everything is better.
And right before your eyes, I'm aching.
No past, nowhere to hide.
Just you and me.

This is the last time you say that I've got it wrong,
This is the last time I say it's been you all alone.
This is the last time I let you in my door,
This is the last time, I won't hurt you anymore.

This is the last time I'm asking you,
Last time I'm asking you,
Last time I'm asking you this.
This is the last time I'm asking you,
Last time I'm asking you,
Last time I'm asking you this.

Surprisingly, I didn't get woken up this morning by any sort of home renovating that is going on currently. And ya girl slept in until noon again because apparently I has a problem. It felt good to sleep in though, because life goes back to normal on Monday (It's currently Sunday when I'm writing this) and I'm still trying to prepare myself for what's bound to happen tomorrow. I'm not even remotely ready for it, sis.

Today was sort of my day that I really wanted to be productive and do more writing, but it just ended up being my Lays Potato Chips day. I think I was just sort of tapped out from how much I wrote both during work Friday and then Friday night, as well as almost ALL day Saturday. I sat down to write, but it just wasn't happening. So I fell down a hole of watching videos and Tumblr and stuff like that, and Taylor Swift was COMMENTING on people's livestreams on Instagram. Like, what? I even went live a few times while playing some Splatoon, but no Taylor. I wouldn't expect any less haha.

But the renovating was happening pretty much throughout the whole day. I've never in my life, throughout the various stages of growing up and multiple times of living here seen the hallway leading through the laundry room to my grandparents bedroom empty. The hutch has always been there, so that was a trip to see. I had to help Ian hold up one of the boards up to the ceiling, but yeah. Fun times here lately.

Then, my grandma wanted KFC for dinner, and me to go get it of course, but ours is renovating, so that was a no go. We opted for pizza, and that was...something. Firstly, I got there around the time that they said it would be ready,  so I waited. And my ear acted up but GIRL, while I was waiting, this hottie came in, lord Jesus. Dirty blond hair, scruffy, just ugh. He was so hot. Anyway, I kept catching him looking at me and I was like GIRL LET'S MAKE THIS HAPPEN. But they called his order first, and he headed out. Shout out to Matt because, girl. Thank you for giving me a view.

I came home, watched a few videos, and played Splatoon and livestreamed on Instagram. And now, I'm watching this very inspiring interview of Claire Wineland on Shane Dawson's podcast, and it just wants me to be a better person? She has Cystic Fibrosis, and I don't know. She's just a super inspiring person, and I love her. It really makes me want to work out and just live my best life? So maybe after this podcast, I'll get to work on that, before I take a shower and everything.

Yeah, that didn't happen. I mean, I super wanted to, but effort and Lays Potato Chips and exhaustion. Heading back to work wasn't too bad, had my coffee in my new black 30oz at the ready with me so it wasn't too bad. It was actually a pretty good day work wise. There wasn't that much freight, but I kept getting pulled in about a million different direction because it felt like no one was there, several DM's were either off or called in, so it was just chaotic in that respect, but ya know. And I made my signature face (The one I make when I don't like something haha) to Seanathan Michael Preston (I added a new name to him because I felt like I needed more syllables, plus it sounds like I'm chastising him so it works) and he hurled over in a fit of laughter, so that was fun. But also, home girl got the T. There's so many moves happening, and possibly ventures of less stress for me that I'm really hoping work out, but ya know. We shall see, I suppose.

During work, Benzo messaged me about going to bingo after work, but a bitch broke. But she was willing to offer the funds needed for both of us to play, so I was actually really excited to go. The first (and only) time that we have gone to the Moose, we had a great time playing bingo, it was a great experience, so I was looking forward to having something to look forward to. After work, I started on my boosts since I knew that we were heading over to the Moose soon, and I wanted to get in as much as possible before we left. So once she was here, we hit up the Moose and didn't have too long before the Early Bird game started. It was a blast, as usual. We even saw the sweet old lady that helped us get the hang of everything the last time and I just called her Gloria Gladys betwixt Benzo and myself haha. Basically, I'm always a mess. But anyway, bingo was so much fun. and Benzo won AGAIN. And what did ya girl win? Nadda. Nothing. Zilch. Zero. I was like girl, we've only come here twice, and Benzo's ass won BOTH times?
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I was like really bitch? Really? Haha, but all jokes aside, I was super happy that she won, especially since she was paying for me, and she won back most of what it cost for us to get to play. A good time was just had by all. After that, we came back to the house and chilled for a little bit. OH. And I showed her that damn vine that's been plaguing my ass since the other night I watched a compilation and it's been screwing me up ever since. If I can find that damn thing, I'll insert it here. But literally any sort of high pitched humming triggers my fat ass haha. I'm literally the messiest of messes.

I LITERALLY DON'T KNOW WHY BUT IT MAKES ME LAUGH SO HARD 👹👹👹👹 (For anyone / everyone who doesn't know, that's the emoji I use for my signature HEHEHE laugh. It pretty much sounds like Toad getting a speed boost in Mario Kart tbh). Also, the lady in this vine looks like her name could truly be Gloria Gladys. God love her.

Anyway, so after that spectacle, I did something that I've been thinking of doing for a while now, and that's sort of decluttering my life in certain ways. That night's main focus was makeup, and I sent Benzo home with my collection of Jeffree Star cosmetics. I love them so dearly, but honestly, I added it up, and I've spent a collective total of 1309 dollars for the makeup. That's literally SO INSANE when I think of it. I wanted it so desperately, and I still love his stuff, but I just need to focus on things that I really need. Like a new computer, and dedicating more time to writing, and I just don't have the time that I would like to have to play with makeup. No matter how much I wish I did. So she headed out after we chilled for a bit, and I was so tired. I don't think I've mentioned yet, but Sunday I slept horribly, probably because I was coming back from sleeping in during the weekend, and yeah. Monday night was a repeat of this. I finally started Season 3 of That '70s Show over the weekend, so that's been great, but I just haven't been able to get some much needed rest.

So I woke up yesterday morning, just blah. Not in a mood sense, but just in a general attitude I guess? Like I was just so tired, and needed coffee and lots of it. Honestly, just God bless my 30 oz Ozark. Shout out to those who count. Anyway, work wasn't too bad. Just a lot going on, but I got all my processes done. The new and "improved" (a word which here means lacking actual improvement) price changes screen came down, and all of us were flustered as hell because the managers (And that gotdamn Paul) in charge of learning it so that they can teach us aren't supposed to learn about it until Friday. So basically, it dropped early, and everything was in disarray. But mine personally wasn't too bad. That wasn't the case for today, but ya know. As far as the evening, it went alright. Ian is STILL trying to get this work in the kitchen done (A two day job has now, as of Wednesday, reached Day Five) so that's been annoying. BUT GIRL, WE HAD A TIME DURING LUNCH LET ME SPILL THE TEA.

Okay, so me and the crew, aka the usual LunchCrew2K17, headed back over to Applebee's, because we've let enough time past to where we were ready to indulge in that Double Bacon Chicken Sandwich because bae and we thought us lot were gonna have a great time. But no, that's not exactly what happened. So our server was Corinne (I only know her name because of what happened today, but also we've had her a lot), and we got our allotted beverage, and it was straight, girl. I was MIFFED over the edge, mainly because I hadn't eaten yet for the day, and it hit me like a brick wall. I truly was no more good (Shout out to my angel Jane for that phrase, I miss you dearly, love). But anyway, we ordered off the express lunch, because bae, and Corinne didn't give us a timer. They always have before, even when we've had to ask for it, and they cut some time off for forgetting. Well, we asked her for the timer, and she was like, in a subtle snippy way, "Well, I put in the order at 11:22." Okay, but that's so not the point, we ask for the timer to help YOU, so everyone knows how long it took so YOU don't have to pay for our lunches. But because of her dig, we let it go. Well, then 11:38 rolls around, and she brings Pam and Destiny's food. Corinne then says "I'll have to bring y'all mayonnaise because the kitchen didn't have time to put it on the sandwiches."'s already been over the 12 minutes in y'alls advertised "12 minutes or its free" that's explained in the express lunch menu. So after we're all like literally what the fuck, Corinne comes back with the mayo (Pam also had to ask for more fries because they LITERALLY gave her like 8, it was sad) and Pam's fries and Pam speaks up (I totally would have as well, to back her up, but honestly, I was so far gone #lightweight) and says "Some of us don't think we should have to pay, only because of the over 12 minutes thing" and Corinne goes, in the most aggressive, nastiest tone, "THAT'S because I was getting the condiments and extra fries." OHHHHHHHH. It's like that is it? Like, it was so unfathomable how hateful she was to Pam, I couldn't even, even if I hadn't been Gone Girl. So Pam politely says "We just think the time should be looked at again" and she EVEN MORE HATEFULLY says "I'll GET MY MANAGER". We were all flabbergasted, to be Pocahonest. And she didn't even send a manager, she sent another server, who was deeply apologetic, but ya know. Pam and I contacted Applebee's about it so. It was just so crazy.

After that whole mess, I came home, worked on boosts, played some Splatoon 2, because it's my only aggressive outlet so that's what I did. Went to bed, couldn't sleep, laid there with That '70's Show, the usual. But also, I've been having such fire photos lately?? Like I act like I'm attractive?? I'm gonna showcase these only because when the hell else am I gonna feel like this again? Plus, I've been pretty artsy with my photos lately, so I'll add some of those too. Gotta preserve that shit.

YASS QUEEN, WERK IT! So yeah, supercool. Still had a really hard time sleeping, probably the worst night yet, probably because the last few nights have all been nights of horrible sleep, but ya know, thank God for coffee, is all I can say. I haven't used that damn Reese's creamer since that first day btw haha. I just can't be bothered. But today was a pretty decent day, until the end was sort of chaotic with the price changes, but we'll get there. So the morning was pretty good because I wasn't overrun with freight, so I actually did pretty good as far as that was concerned, but I didn't have a chance to stay in routine. Go figure. But that's because overnight is just broken. During break after the morning meeting, SOMETHING SWIFTY HAPPENED. I knew something was going to happen this week. I was wishing and hoping and praying that it was going to be the reputation track list, but a girl can dream, and keep dreaming. But something amazing did happen! Taylor announced (How, I still don't know?? I just saw it going around Tumblr and saw if it was on YouTube and she uploaded it to her channel so 🤗🤗) that she's going to be releasing HER OWN SOCIAL MEDIA APP. HOW BLESSED ARE WE TO LIVE IN THE AGE OF TAYLOR ALISON MOTHERFUCKING SWIFT.
Literally so blessed. Here's the video and if you listen closely, you can hear me crying yas queen in the background.

I'm legit going to be on Swift Life 25/8. Like, for real. So that was really super exciting to experience today. No firm date on the release of the app, but I'm hoping either before the album or by the album, so let's hope that comes to fruition. Also, she randomly showed up to a fans house today?? How is she an angel?? I just can't with how wonderful she is.

Then, the crew and I decided that, even though Destiny was off today, we wanted to get together for lunch, and obvi we weren't going to go to Applebee's. So Teresa saw this deal going on at Macado's and it was like special prices on their Mexican food items, so that's where we went. I drove, which was a nice change of pace because usually it's always Teresa haha. My car is much dirtier, but I was happy to oblige because Teresa thought she locked her keys in her car, but magically (we think someone saw them on the ground and did this) were in her door just hanging in the lock? Super lucky, but weird. Anyway, we had a wonderful lunch at Macado's, and that Southwestern Quesadilla BITCH. It was so fucking good. Highly recommend. We came back a little late, because traffic, but it's all good. We always have a good time, just a good ole hoot and a holler.

I had price changes in the new screen, and it was weird because they were giving two different products but the same mod location. So after talking about it with Dennis and Shanan, I just left it, because it makes no sense and no one has any answers because no one has been taught on them yet. It's just a messed. I came home, started doing some boosts and playing Splatoon, and then I've been typing up this blog, and talking to Benzo on FaceTime. I did find this website though called Zebit where it's like a buy now, pay later thing, and they HAVE APPLE PRODUCTS. I couldn't get a MacBook, but I thought about getting an Apple Watch to build up my limit, but my card got declined, so I took it as a sign to not go through with it, at least for right now. So now, I'll gonna post this blog, end this call with Benzo, and then it's time to get into bed with That '70s Show. I decided to skip the Season 2 premiere of Riverdale because I had so much to do, and I'll catch it latra.

This has been a bulky blog for once haha. What can I say?

Hopefully, the next couple days leading into the next blog can be as information filled and wonderful. Low key expecting but high key wanting another single to drop from Taylor Friday, but who knows. Also, the song in the NP is such a kick ass song from her Red album. I've been seeing a lot of dislike for it lately, and it was talking about during this week's episode of Swiftcast (A podcast I recently picked back up again) where the creator of that song list from Rolling Stone rating every Taylor song ever was guesting on it, and they don't like that song. IT'S SUCH AN EMOTIONAL BOP LIKE HOW DARE YOU?? But yeah. Hella representing Red up in this bitch. Plus, I've been listening to it lately since seeing this massive dislike. I posted about what I've been seeing about The Last Time on Tumblr and people were like THEY'RE WRONG.
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Sorry, I had to haha. I can't say that word without thinking of this orange idiot. Plus, my impression of him is one of my favorite things ever haha. I blame the liberal propaganda (That's one of my favorite things to say in his accent/impression. Ignore this trash). Until next time, holla.


-- Jesse

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Eat Some Goddamn Spaghetti

| Now Playing: Wanna Be by Betty Who |

It's a  long cold walk after midnight
When you send me home.
'Cause she comes around late and she hates it
When we're all alone.
She's beautiful and I just can't compete.

But I'd ride with you, die with you,
I'd spend my life with you.
Stuck with me, fuck with me,
So come make love to me.
I know she's sweet, but she isn't me.
Where she lies in your eyes,
That's where I wanna be.

When a stranger says we look good together,
We just laugh.
If you only knew how it hurts,
'Cause you're my other half.
This nightmare has become my favorite dream,
'Cause I'm standing in for a love that is the real thing.

You know I need you 'cause,
I'd ride with you, die with you,
I'd spend my life with you.
Stuck with me, fuck with me,
So come make love to me.
I know she's sweet, but she isn't me.
Where she lies in your eyes,
That's where I wanna be.

So remember how in the last blog I talked about how I was headed to bed after eating my leftover Mexican? I should have known better. I don't know if that's the real reason behind why it was so hard for me to find sleep, but alas, I didn't sleep very well. So waking up Thursday morning was quite the trials and tribulations for me. Luckily, once I got going, I was alright. It was just the getting going that was the issue.

Apparently, I had the perfect day off on Wednesday, because we didn't have a truck the night before, so that was a blessing. But for some crazy reason, I thought I was going to get to stay in more of a routine today, but that didn't end up happening, what else is new. But it was a good day regardless. Nothing crazy remarkable happened.

Once I got home though, the real fun began. After the wonderful combo of cowboy beans for dinner and the ritualistic viewing of Judge Judy with my grandparents during dinner, I did my boosts for taylorswifttix, per usge. I started watching That '70s Show while I was doing so, but then my grandma came and helped me switch out the boxes so that I have cable back on my tv in my room, so that's super wonderful. Then, since I had a little bit of time before TGIT began, I decided to stitch witch that super cute pink hoodie I got from Ross. It worked out pretty perfect! I'm still debating on whether or not I should write REP on the back, probably lowercase, because while I still really want the hoodie that's on Taylor's website, I never wear pullover hoodies. Although, now that I'm experienced at stitch witching hoodies, I suppose I could do that to the Taylor hoodie too. Because I really do want it. Anyway, here's pic of my handiwork.

Then I watched Grey's, always good, and Will & Grace, HILARIOUS. Literally I'm so damn glad that it's back on the air. Next up is HTGAWM, and I'm writing this in between the break from Will & Grace and the time for Murder to come back on. So get ready for me going off about that right after this sentence ends. DAMNNNN. Annalise Keating is mukafuking BACK. She's such a boss ass bitch and I love her. After watching HTGAWM, I headed to bed. I fell asleep almost as soon as I turned on That '70s Show, which was good since it was already so late and I needed to get to bed.

I tried that Reese's creamer that I bought from work yesterday when I woke up and enh. It's good, but I expected more of a Reese's taste, I guess. Thanks I guess. But it still made for a good cup of coffee. I guess I've just gotten so used to a stronger tasting coffee that it was a little lost on me, but obviously I'm going to keep drinking it. Work wasn't too bad, only that since the prenotes didn't download yesterday, there was a crazy amount of freight left behind, at least for me. If you ask me, that's not really much of an excuse, but what do I know? So I was running freight until 1:30. Yeah, that was my day. But I kept singing the song in the NP, the wonderful song that I've been addicted to since writing to it the other night, in my head throughout the day, so that was helping me get by. Other than that, work wasn't too bad. Except for the Hatchimals situation. New ones set at midnight, and no one put them out. So I got cussed out by customers for not having them out earlier than noon, but ya know. Home girl was over it I also started a new song today, and the first lyrics, BITCH. Why am I doing this to myself? "Vice grip snakes around my lungs, I keep breathing but the venom always comes." LITERALLY I THINK THAT'S SO GOOD. anyway. I keep thinking about me like making

Then I came home, and worked on my boosts, I'm over 1200 now haha. Then did some writing! THREE CHEERS FOR WRITING AFTER WORK PART TWO. This scene I'm writing is melting my black heart into a possible working one, so that's nice. I just love this book and how everything is coming together. It's going to be so hard if I have to pick a favorite one day in this series haha. After writing while listening to both Betty Who albums, since I also wrote on lunch again! While listening to Melodrama because always. But for real, after that, all I did was honestly lay in bed and peruse the internet before I finally settled down with That '70s Show and finally got some sleep.

I didn't wake up this morning until almost noon, after waking up around 8 and heading back to sleep. I didn't mean to sleep so late, but the body wants what the body wants, and I ain't gonna fight it, ya heard. I've spent most of today doing what I love to do: writing. I did play some Splatoon 2 throughout the day, because sometimes home girl needs to vent out some frustrations with some ink blasting. But I continued to build scenes in chapter seven today, and it was just wonderful. I listened to multiple albums while I did so too haha. Most of Taylor Swift's Red, All of Carly Rae's EMOTION, most of Sleeping With Sirens' Gossip album, and of course, I kept listening to Betty Who's Wanna Be, because I'm literally so obsessed. How did I get along without that song in my life? Honestly, I have no earthly idea. Anyway, the writing was awesome. I got to write this scene that I've been envisioning since the very beginning stages of Book Two, and it was so fun to see it finally be poured over the page. I kept on having multiple winds of motivation, and one of them was because I got another review for my book!

This one came from someone I connected with on Twitter a month or two ago. He's a writer too and he said he would read my book and I never really thought twice on it. But he tweeted me his review of it, posted it to Goodreads, AND posted it to Amazon. He's literally an angel. I was so excited about it, it inspired winds two and three of motivation haha. So that was super amazing to have happen today.

And the title comes from a quote that my grandma said today during dinner haha. My grandpa was talking about two of his favorite P subjects (Don't ask) and the title is what my grandma said in response haha. There's literally never a dull moment on the Mawmaw & Pawpaw Show. They should honestly have their own reality show, I'm not kidding.

Now it's time to settle down with That '70s Show and get some sleep. Ian was here working on the skylight in the kitchen, and some general fixing of the ceiling, and apparently he's gonna be back in the morning to do some more, so I'm sure I'll either get woken up by him, or worse. So I better get to snoozin'.

A renowned spaghetti enthusiast,

-- Jesse