Saturday, August 5, 2017

Ketchup Kween

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Oh god,
I'm closing my mouth around this liquor wet lime.
Midnight, lose my mind.
I know you're feeling it too,
Can we keep up with the ruse?

Bodies all through my house,
I know this story by heart.
Jack and Jill get fucked up and possessive when it gets dark.
But my hips have missed your hips,
So let's get to know the kicks.
Will you sway with me,
Go astray with me?

King and queen of the weekend,
Ain't a pill that could touch our rush.
But what will we do when we're sober?
When you dream with a fever,
Bet you wish you could touch our rush.
But what will we do when we're sober?

And here we are, yet again, reporting live from this messed up schedule I'm on to try and prepare myself from overnights. I definitely failed at trying to stay up last night, and it's completely screwed me over for today / tonight, but I'm really trying to get it together for tonight. But I suppose I'm getting ahead of myself, per usge.

The visit from Big Boss went okay, I guess. That's what they told us anyway. But since they came so late in the afternoon, ya girl was peaceing out ASAP. Even though my department was a massive trauma center of awful, if they say the visit went alright, then whatevs. Friday was a joke at work, just a mess. So much freight, so little accurate direction, just a mess. Please welcome to the stage, Messy Queen Galore. Literally my drag name if it were honest.

After leaving work Friday and coming home, my goal was to stay up until at least six in the morning (fail) and do some writing (double fail), while maybe catching up on all my shows (partial fail). I caught up on everything Orphan Black and it fucked me up. I'm so not ready for the entire series to be over after tonight's and next week's episode. I'm just so unprepared. I started to watch the five episodes I'm behind on The Fosters, but I fell asleep last night while watching it, so that didn't get completed. I even played some Splatoon 2 to keep me awake, but once I started watching The Fosters laying in bed, it was all over. I woke up around 5:30, sulking at my failure haha. But I went back to bed and finally gave up on trying to sleep late into the day and got up around 1. I fully woke up around 11, and just kept pushing myself to fall back asleep over and over again until I got up. I've stayed up for 72 hours straight before, but I just can't do it anymore.

I've pretty much spent the entire day, not really doing a whole lot. Just trying to stay up and moving, for the most part, I suppose. I've been playing a lot of Splatoon 2 throughout the day, pretty much most of the day, because there's a Splatfest going on, where people compete over a theme (which is ketchup vs. mayo) and, well, I don't really know what happens haha. I've literally played the game most of the day, hence the title, but I did drink some coffee and get some work accomplished. I did some writing to Lorde's album Melodrama, which is just way better than my initial thought of "oh I like it a lot". I didn't want to push the writing, because this sleep schedule / work preparedness has me so completely thrown off that I would rather wait and have good quality. But hey, working on some of it is better than nothing. I also completely rebranded some of my social sites, and reworked my tumblr, so that's good. I still want to work on putting up another chapter on Young Writers Society, so I'll probably work on that before I watch some Fosters or tonight's OB.

I also got those books I ordered from Amazon, finally. I'll insert a picture because I'm literally Lays Potato Chips and don't want to write them all out.

I'm currently reading The Foxhole Court, because I kept seeing stuff about it all over Tumblr. Also because Nora Sakavic inspired the whole turnaround for me, that lead to me putting my book on Smashwords and getting more active on Goodreads. So far, it's pretty great. The language is so wonderful and I'm so intrigued by the story, despite it lingering in the land of sports, but I already know it's full of hella gay, so I support it. I even tweeted all three authors about it, and heard back from Craig and Domino about theirs, so that was super awesome. I'd love to read some more of it, but I'm worried about reading more tonight and it making me tired. Maybe I'll do it anyways, since I can't make any further progress on my own book. But I'll probably end up playing more Splatoon 2 to be Pocahonest.

I'm just hoping that overnights go alright. I really don't want it to be a really bad week, because this past week was really pushing it. I'm really looking forward to a reprieve from that, so I'm really needing this week of overnights to pull it together for me. At least I'll have three nights off after I finish the overnight haul, and I'll also be ending it by getting a new tattoo! Thank fucking God to be honest because I can't really remember the last thing that I really looked forward to. I can't wait to have my other hand tatted, and I'm really needing it. That high from getting a new tattoo is just what I need to keep it together.
Well that's enough out of me. I'm going to go try and work on getting another chapter added to YWS and then I'll get to the shows I've missed. Here's hoping I can make it to at least 4 am. I guess that goal is a little easily obtainable. Oh, also, huge shout out to Kesha for continually slaying the game! She just released her latest song, Hymn, from the forthcoming Rainbow album and its a mukafuka BOP. The instrumental is so fucking good and the lyrics just speak to me on a wavelength of levels. Keep it up, Kesha. I NEED IT.

Googling ketchup overuser anonymous groups,

-- Jesse

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