Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Next Chapter

| Now Playing: Summertime Sadness by Lana Del Rey |

I'm feeling electric tonight,
Cruising down the coast, Going 'bout 99.
Got my bad baby by my heavenly side,
I know if I go, I'll die happy tonight.

Oh, my god, I feel it in the air,
Telephone wires, above, are sizzling like a snare.
Honey I'm, on fire, I feel it everywhere.
Nothing scares me anymore.

Kiss me hard before you go,
Summertime sadness.
I just want you to know,
That baby you the best.

So the past few days have absolutely flown by. Almost right after I posted my last blog, I heard back from my dad about using the truck and that everything was going according to plan to move the rest of my stuff on Sunday. And even though I wanted to do it alone, it ended up being better than he helped me in a way, mainly because I was pretty warn out from my first day in Toys and everything that went along with preparing for that said first day.

We moved everything that remained of mine. The house was empty, as Mom was out, which also ended up being the best because I just get too much anxiety when both my parents are in the same space, for reasons I still don't really understand. It was so HOT. Too hot. Literally Lucifer sweating hot, like previously mentioned. But it wasn't too bad moving the mattress and my bookcase and my desk. They're all pretty easy to move, save that one has the room to move them. I did a little unpacking when we got back, but not too much, because I was sort of wiped out, both physically from the heat and mentally because of what my dad wanted to talk about. The things going on with my step-brother are just...weird. Scary and weird. I think for times to come in the future I'm going to be just really triggered by bikers.

Being back in Toys on Monday was nice, felt a little more familiar. Everyone was there, so it was a little easier as far as having Morgan as a reference to the behemoth that is Toys at times. But everything work wise went well, both Monday and Tuesday. Except for 1. having 500 price changes in Toys on Monday morning and April leaving me emails on both days. Monday, she wanted me to do all of 2 and 46's price changes and counts, as well as 8's, and also 8's section work. Then it was added to do 46's section work. Needless to say, it didn't happen. On either day. But work wasn't bad. I'm getting the hang of dealing with freight into my day, but I'm just worried about added features and stuff coming in. But I supposed that'll be dealt with as it comes.

Lana Del Rey has furthered bled into my eardrum. I've been randomly hearing Summertime Sadness in my head and bursting out into the song randomly. Tuesday though, I kept hearing this certain part of Vacation by Superfruit stuck in my head, but ultimately, Lana has churned my inner ear more than the wonderful delicacies of Superfruit.

And then today, I was off. It was a fairly good. I got to sleep in a little bit, so that was wondrous. I started to do laundry, as all of my clothes are dirty from the move and whatnot, and I FINALLY got everything unpacked, sorted, and organized! I'm finally feeling like I'm 100% here and in the moment. And hopefully, I'll be here until things open up for me, especially after my grandma said "I want you to stay here until you find your place". That's really encouraging, I'm just worried about the uncle factor potentially ruining that in December. I actually did one of the few things I set out to do today, aside from getting everything unpacked and situated. I wrote a little bit, to Lana like I was hoping to do, and it went amazing. Lana's lyrics and narrative are really really triumphant when it comes to the vibe of the music working well with what I'm writing. So I couldn't be happier that that worked out. Only, I couldn't really write a whole lot because my hand started to really hurt, and I didn't want to push it to heavily.

I slept for like an hour while trying to watch more of American Gods. Episode 2 didn't fair too well with me, only because I was so tired for some reason and fell asleep during it. But I'll eventually get back to it. After watching an episode of Charmed, it's time for Biiiiiiiiiiig Brotherrrrrr. So I'm going to watch that and relax.

Turning the page,

-- Jesse

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