Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Blame It On The Weatherman

| Now Playing: Blame It On The Weatherman by B*Witched |

It's just, one more day.
No one said, There would be rain again.
Won't blame it on myself, I'll blame in on the weatherman.

Get away, For a while.
Here I am, On my own again.
Won't blame it on myself, I'll blame it on the weatherman.

Well, this week has proven to be quite surprising in more than one way. And I'll take what I can get at this point. I went into this week thinking that it was going to be a repeat of the previous, because I have no faith apparently in workplace improvement. But alas, I was wrong. That's also why the song above was playing in my head all day Sunday, and the rest of this beginning of the week. Why is such an older song in my Now Playing? I partly blame it's catchiness, and partly place the blame on the Charmed rewatch I've been diving deep into. The song plays during the premiere of Season 5, which I completely finished over the weekend. So there's the blame (Good news, Weatherman. You're safe this time).

Monday was great at work. I was actually praised for my effectiveness in leading my department by the man in charge and it felt good to be recognized for my hard work. So that went swimmingly and it's changed my entire mood at work and my outlook on the rest of the week. It's funny how something as simple as letting your employees know they're appreciated can boost morale. You'd think that'd be common sense, but you know how these things tend to askew.

Yesterday was great, still riding the coattails of yesterday at work and the waves it made to my confidence in my position. Plus, it was the Fourth, so celebrations were happening. My grandma usually has a cookout and this year was no different. Except this year, my best friend was in attendance and it just made everything better. Despite being outside in this weird humid weather that sweats around Virginia day in and day out, we had a good time. Even if I was singing literally the entire time while everyone else was busy talking. But c'est la vie.

And then today, I finished chapter four of my second novel! Much earlier than expected. I was giving myself the entire week, and I wanted it to be done by the end of the weekend, so that's just wonderful. Now I can scurry on to planning out chapter five effectively and then getting started on that by next week hopefully.

I just hope the rest of the week goes on to hold me in such high spirits as the beginning of this week has. I'm looking forward to possibly enjoying the entire weekend, when I was asked to work, but this whole working more than one weekend a month thing when I'm supposed to be guaranteed to only have to work one thing is really getting on my nerves. My schedule says I'm off, so I might not mention anything and just go for it. I'm just following "program" after all.

Endlessly blaming weathermen,

-- Jesse

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